Garbage & Recycling

Garbage and Recycling


 Only use new carts supplied by Hilltopper Refuse and Recycling Service, Inc.   on start date and thereafter.

➢ Make sure the arrows on the lid are pointing out towards the street.
➢ Carts should be placed out at the end of your driveway/alley way approximately 1 foot from the road edge. Do not place your cart in the street/alley way!
➢ Carts must be placed at least 3 feet from objects such as other carts/trash bags, utility poles, mailboxes, trees, or parked cars.
➢ Position the cart on as level of a surface as possible.
➢ Please place carts in the same location as you have always placed your weekly trash/recycling for collection.

➢ Cart collection starts at 5:00 a.m. on your designated collection day – Carts MUST be out prior to this time
➢ All material must fit inside the cart(s). Additional recycling/trash outside of cart will not be picked up. Call Hilltopper for options regarding extra material.
➢ Please refer to enclosed recycling educational piece as more material has been added that can be recycled – PLEASE DO NOT BAG YOUR RECYCLING
➢ Lids need to be closed to a substantial degree.
➢ In winter; clear a place at your collection point so the cart sits flat. Carts will not be serviced if placed on a snow bank.
➢ If cart is not placed out properly or the driver has an issue with the cart, a tag will be placed on the cart to notify you of the issue. If the issue is not resolved by the following pick-up day, the cart will not be serviced.

➢ Each cart is stamped with a number that is specifically assigned to your address. If your cart is stolen, Hilltopper will attempt to locate by keeping our eyes open for any extra carts sitting at a home that is to only have one cart. If Hilltopper is unable to locate the container, there is replacement fee of $95.00 plus tax along with delivery fee.
➢ DO NOT permanently mark or spray paint on carts; it will be considered graffiti. The carts are the property of Hilltopper Refuse and Recycling Service Inc. You may put tape on the cart to distinguish it from your neighbors’, if desired, or use a zip tie or luggage tag.
➢ DO NOT take carts with you when you move. The carts are the property of Hilltopper and are assigned to each street address.

➢ If the collection truck damages the carts or damage occurs from normal wear and tear, Hilltopper Refuse & Recycling Service Inc. will repair or replace the cart at no charge to you.
➢ Damage resulting from negligence or abuse by the resident will be the responsibility of the resident.
➢ Replacement fee for the cart is $95.00 plus tax, along with delivery fees

➢ If you consistently have an overflowing cart, you may request an additional cart directly from Hilltopper Refuse & Recycling Service Inc.
➢ The Resident will be billed directly from Hilltopper for the additional service.
➢ Only Hilltopper issued carts will be collected.
➢ Billing is done annually with services paid for in advance of collection to receive collection.
➢ Call Hilltopper for more information/details at 608-783-6727 x 102 OR email Sales at

Burning in the Village is Unlawful

  • The burning of household garbage, furniture, mattresses, or any type of non-cooking fire is unlawful and in violation of Village Ordinances. Violations will result in a fine.
  • Additional items are accepted (some for a charge) at the Recycling Center.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

  • Dates are designated in the Spring and Fall as Cleanup Days.  On these dates, you may arrange for large item pickup such as mattresses, televisions, appliances, etc.
  • A small fee for each item is required for pickup.  Payment must be made in advance.
  • Contact the Village Clerk/Treasurer to arrange pickup and pay for your items.
Please contact the Village Hall at (608) 488-3191 for more information.