Village Clerk & Treasurer


Clerk & Treasurer

Jamie North

Phone: (608) 488-3191



The Clerk is responsible for all Administrative functions in the Village of Melrose.   These include:

  • Municipal Licenses
    • Dog Licenses
    • Alcohol and Tobacco Licenses
      • Alcohol Operator’s License
      • Alcohol Retail License Application
      • Tobacco Retail License Application
  • Voter Registration and Elections
    • Voter Registration
    • Absentee Ballot Request
    • Village Caucus Administration
    • Board Nomination Paperwork
  • Park Reservations
    • Recreation Park and Tank Park Shelter Rental
    • Pool Rental
    • Manages picnic table loan program
  • Schedules Use of the Village Hall
  • Executive Secretary at all Board Meetings
  • Publishes all Board Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and Notices


The Village Treasurer performs all Village financial functions.  Duties include the following:

  • Operating Capital and Budget Preparations
  • Payroll
  • Management of Accounts payable and receivable
  • Investment of Village funds
  • Debt administration
  • Water/Sewer billing and collections
  • Property Tax billing and collections
  • Receipt of Swimming Pool Donations

Useful Information:

Dog Licenses.

If you have a dog residing in your household, it must have a Village Dog License covering the current calendar year. Renewal reminders are sent out in December with property owner taxes, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the pet owner to purchase a license each year. Licenses may be purchased by mail or in person. To obtain a license, you must provide:

Completed dog license application
Full payment ($15.00 for spayed dogs, $20.00 for non-spayed dogs). Dog licenses are not pro-rated for the calendar year.
A paper copy of proof of a current rabies vaccination.

Alcohol Licenses.

Retail and Operator alcohol/tobacco licenses must be renewed on or before June 30th of each calendar year. Remember, the Village Board must approve all licenses so plan accordingly based on the Board Meeting schedule. To obtain additional information, contact the Clerk.

Building Permits.

Building permit applications may be obtained from the Clerk or downloaded from this website. A diagram of the proposed construction must accompany all building permit applications. Remember, the Village Board or a Building Committee member must sign off on your application before a permit can be issued.


All Federal, State-wide, and Municipal Elections are held at the Village Hall, 112 N. Washington Street in Melrose. Contact the Clerk for information regarding registration, nomination, and election dates.

Village Hall.

The Village Hall is available to host meetings for Village civic groups. To reserve the Hall, contact the Clerk and provide date, time and proposed usage. The Clerk will arrange opening and closing instructions. As a reminder, Village Board Business will take precedence over all other meetings.

Park and Pool Reservations.

The Pool reservation calendar is maintained by the pool. To reserve the pool please contact Clark Anderson Phone: (608) 396-3007 Pool Cell: (608) 865-8807

The Shelter reservation calendar is maintained by the Village Clerk. To reserve a shelter please contact the Village Clerk, fill out the form and provide payment to the Clerk.


For information regarding meeting agendas, meeting notices, meeting minutes you can check the following outlets:

  • This website
  • Paper Copies of all notices are posted at the following locations:
  • Black River Country Bank
  • Melrose Post Office
  • Village Hall Front Window
  • Melrose Express

Useful Information: 

Accounts Payable.

The Treasurer pays bills weekly; however, the Village Board must approve all expenditures.  To ensure prompt payment, be sure to send statements to the Village Treasurer the week prior to the monthly Village Board Meeting.  The Board meets the first Wednesday of each month.

Water/Sewer Billing and Collections. 

Water/sewer bills are sent out on a monthly basis... generally during the first week of each month.  Bills may be paid by check, money order, cash, or online at To make your payment please go to and use the pay location code 37284. The Village also has a convenient drop box that is emptied several times each day for those paying when the Treasurer is not in the office.  Bills received after the stated due date are assessed an additional 3% monthly surcharge.

Property Tax Billing and Collections. 

Property tax bills are sent out annually in the month of December to Village residents and business owners.  The Village Treasurer will collect all payments in full or first installment payments through the 31st of January each year.  Beginning on February 1st, payments in full and/or second installment payments must be made directly to the Jackson County Treasurer.

Annual Audit. 

Village books are audited on an annual basis by

Bauman Associates, Ltd.

PO Box 1225

Eau Claire, WI 54702-1225