If I feel my property taxes are too high, what procedures do I follow to get them lowered?

The first step is to call the Assessor and determine his basis for assessing the property at its current value. If you’re not satisfied with his answer, you may attend the Assessor’s Open Book session which usually occurs in April or May of each calendar year. At this time, you may meet with the Assessor in person and view the Village tax roll. If you still feel your property is unfairly valued, you may file a formal “Objection Form for Real Property Assessment (PA-115A)” and a Notice of Intent to File Objection with the Board of Review (link to forms). These forms must be filed with the Clerk at least 48 hours before the Board of Review’s first scheduled meeting. The Board of Review is generally conducted in May of each calendar year. You may then appear before the Board or Review and present your case. For additional information, see the link to “Property Taxes” on this website’s home page or contact the Clerk.